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jamaica blue mountain coffee and peaberry

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee 100%

The legendary Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is perfectly balanced, with a subtle chocolate aroma, floral notes and a spicy flavour. Peaberry beans also available.

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hawaiian kona coffee and decaffeinated kona

Hawaiian Kona coffee 100%

The Kona coffee is famous for its smooth taste, lack of bitterness and irresistible aroma of fresh nuts. Swiss Water® decaffeinated Kona coffee also available.

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variety packs

Variety packs

Not sure which one to try first? Indulge in variety with our 16 delicious and hard to resist Hawaiian Kona coffee and Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee variety packs!

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What is Blue Mountain coffee?

The famous Jamaican Blue Mountain is perfectly balanced with a subtle chocolate aroma, lack of bitterness, floral notes of jasmine and a spicy flavor.

Often referred as the world’s best coffee, the Blue Mountain acquired a reputation that has made it one of the most sought after coffee.

The Blue Mountain has been grown in small farms for over 150 years on an exceptional site. Coffee trees grow there under very unique conditions: a rich volcanic soil with an excellent drainage, pure mountain water, a fresh and misty climate with a lot of precipitations.

What is Kona coffee?

The Hawaiian Kona coffee is exceptional for its smooth taste, its lack of bitterness and an irresistible aroma of fresh nuts. A pure delight !

For over 100 years, the Hawaiian Kona has been cultivated in the north and south districts of Kona. The area is a coastal region of the Hawaii’s Big Island with a perfect micro climate and a rich volcanic soil.

The area is located on the slopes of the Mauna Loa and Hualalai volcanoes, thus protecting plantations from the strong winds blowing on the island. They are carefully handpicked in family farms with the greatest care.