Kona coffee 100% 454g + Decaffeinated Kona coffee 100% 454g

Kona coffee 100% 454g + Decaffeinated Kona coffee 100% 454g

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454g (1 lb) of Hawaiian Kona coffee 100%.

454g (1 lb) of Hawaiian Kona coffee 100%, naturally Swiss Water decaffeinated.

Total 2 lbs

* Dark Roast not available and not charged for the decaffeinated Kona.

$95.00 CAD


hawaiian kona coffee flag Kona coffee 100% and decaffeinated Kona coffee 100%

The rare Kona coffee beans are exceptional for their delicate and smooth flavor, no bitterness and an irresistible aroma of fresh nuts. A pure delight !

Enjoy your Kona coffee all day long  with the Swiss Water process naturally decaffeinated Kona coffee. Its caffeine is removed by soaking the coffee beans and dried by evaporating the water after filtration of the caffeine, preserving the delicious taste of the Kona coffee.

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For over 100 years, the arabica Kona coffee beans have been grown exclusively on the largest island of Hawaii archipelago, in the north and south districts of Kona, a coastal region located between 700 feet (210m) to 2,000 feet (610m) above sea level. The “coffee belt” in Kona is approximately two miles wide. Scarce and delicious, the famous Kona coffee is also one of the most expensive coffee in the world.

The Kona area takes advantage of a unique micro climate for the coffee plants. It is located on the west slopes of the Mauna Loa and Hualalai volcanoes, protecting the coffee trees from the strong winds blowing on the island. Rich volcanic soil and perfect climatic conditions provide that unique and exquisite taste.

The Kona coffee is cultivated and carefully handpicked in family farms ; there are more than 600 of these 4 or 5 acres of size farms in Kona districts and each one is allowing to grow coffee plants with the greatest care. Only coffee beans from the north and south Kona districts can be described as Kona coffee.

Cafes Volcanik only offers certified beans of pure origin Hawaiian Kona coffee 100%, freshly roasted and packed in resealable bags with a one-way degassing valve that preserves freshness and aroma for up to 3 months !

Notes: For maximum freshness, keep your Kona coffee beans in a cool, dry place ; not in the refrigerator or freezer. A cold temperature affects the oils in the beans and gives a rancid coffee.

Each bag of 454g (1 lb) makes about forty 8 oz cup of brewed coffee.



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