coffee cherries

When will I receive my order?
Our goal is to ship as fast as possible once your order is received, which depends on the volume of orders we received at that moment. Once your payment is completed, delivery usually takes 2 to 7 business days in Quebec and 3 to 12 business days elsewhere in Canada.
Which delivery service do you use?
We use the Canada Post “Expedited Parcel” service for the delivery of all orders. You will receive a shipping notification email from Canada Post that will include tracking of your parcel once it’s shipped.
Are your Kona and Blue Mountain coffees blends or only pure origin?
We do not sell any blend, only the best 100% Kona Hawaiian coffee beans Extra Fancy and Jamaica Blue Mountain 100% Grade 1 and Peaberry, always imported only from certified farms from Kona or the Blue Mountains.
What's the difference between Blue Mountain and Blue Mountain Peaberry?
The coffee plants produce red coffee cherries and in their center appears two beans that are placed back to back, flat side against flat side. However, 5-10% of the harvested beans do not divide into two beans but rather form a single, rounder beans. Because they are round, the roasting is more uniform and better retains the characteristic flavor of the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. These rarer beans are the creme of the crop of the Blue Mountain coffee, hence their higher price.
How many cups will give a bag of coffee?
A bag of 454g (1 lb) will give about 35-40 cups of 8oz. A bag of 227g (1/2 lb) will give about 16-20 cups of 8oz.
How should I store my coffee?
Just store your coffee bags in a cool, dry place. Our resealable bags carry a one-way degassing valve do the rest by allowing gases to liberate from our freshly roasted coffee and keep it aromatic and delicious for a long time, especially whole beans coffee. In fact, coffee never spoils or become unfit for consumption. Instead, it simply rancids with time and lose its aroma. It is generally recommended to consume coffee within one year after it’s been roasted, although we suggest that it be consumed within 2-3 months after purchase.
What is Swiss Water® decaffeination?
The Swiss Water® decaffeination process consists in soaking the beans naturally in water to extract the caffeine. No chemical is used for this decaffeination method, which preserves the aroma and authentic taste of Kona coffee by evaporating the soaking water with the beans once the majority of the caffeine has been removed by filtration.
I have not received confirmation of my order, what do I do?
It’s possible that the confirmation email of your order was interpreted as a spam by your mailbox if the sender was not recognized. If you do not receive an email confirmation of your order, it may be in your spam folder.
There is an error in my order, what do I do?
You will always receive a confirmation of your order by email within minutes. We strongly invite you to check the order confirmation when you receive it, such as the products purchased, grind, roasting, quantity as well as your shipping information. In case of error in your order, contact us immediately so that we can make the correction. We can’t correct an error once the package is shipped, thank you for your understanding. Please note that if this is an error on your part, we can not accept that you return the bags of coffee to us to resell to another customer, the freshness of our coffees being our top priority. If this is our mistake, please contact us and we will fix the issue or compensate you. We could require evidence, depending on the situation.

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