Hawaiian Kona Coffee

hawaiian kona coffee

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kona coffee hawaii flagHawaiian Kona coffee 100%

The Kona coffee is famous for its rich flavor, its lack of bitterness and its irresistible aroma of fresh nuts. 

Kona beans have been grown for over 100 years on Hawaii’s Big Island. The island’s west coast takes advantage of a unique micro climate. The Kona Belt is located on the west slopes of the Mauna Loa and Hualalai volcanoes, which protect the plantations from the strong winds that blow on the island. A rich volcanic soil and perfect climatic conditions provide to this sought after coffee its exquisite flavour and unique aroma.

Our pure Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy is imported exclusively from certified Kona coffee farms. You will always receive from us very freshly roasted Kona 100%. Don’t hesitate to enjoy your favorite coffee all day long with our Swiss Water® naturally decaffeinated Kona 100%.

No need to waste money on shipping cost to order from Hawaii. Your Kona coffee 100% is already here in Canada and ready to be roasted for you, sold in Canadian dollars and shipped free of charge with Canada Post Expedited Parcel on any order!

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