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This site is the property of Cafés Volcanik. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, publish, to post, to transmit or distribute, in any way, any information or any document contained on this Web site. It is however allowed to download a copy of the documents contained on this Web site for a personal use and non-commercial as long as the copyrights and the property rights are respected. Cafés Volcanik reserves the right to modify without notice the aspect of the site, its contents as well as the present conditions and terms of use.


Please allow 2 to 7 business days for delivery in Quebec and 3 to 12 business days in other Canadian provinces/territories for the preparation of your order and shipping with Canada Post.


If you are not satisfied and wish to receive a refund for any reason whatsoever, simply contact us within five (5) days of receipt of your package to receive instructions for returning your order for analysis. For the return of an order including several bags of coffee, a refund will be sent if only one (1) single bag was opened and the other bags are sealed and in perfect condition. Contact us to receive an authorization of return. No return of goods will be accepted without being beforehand approved.


No tax will be charged on your order, as coffee beans are tax exempted in Canada.


Please contact the customer service as fast as possible to cancel a sale, before your order is shipped. Once parcel is shipped, it’s no longer possible to cancel a sale. The return policy then becomes effective.


Your privacy is of great importance to Cafés Volcanik. We want to demonstrate transparency and openness in the processing of your personal data, which is necessary for Cafés Volcanik to provide the management and delivery service of your order.

The Quebec company Cafés Volcanik controls the personal data that you submit to us and is responsible for it in accordance with the applicable law relating to the protection of personal data. Cafés Volcanik respects the right to privacy of its customers, and has the principle of protecting all personal information that it has in its possession or that it manages.

We will use your personal data to create and manage your personal account and to provide you with a relevant experience relating to Cafés Volcanik. We will retain your data for as long as you have an active account with Cafés Volcanik. We will provide you with your order history and allow you to set up your account.

We never transmit or sell your personal data for commercial purposes to third parties outside the Cafés Volcanik company, nor do we exchange them with them, the data transmitted to third parties being used only to provide our services, such as payment processing, delivery of packages or sending promotional emails.

To optimize your experience at Cafés Volcanik, you will receive relevant information and discounts on our products from us. We will use your personal data to send you information and promotional invitations via emails, to which you can unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions in the footer of each marketing email, or by writing to us to request this. If you do so, Cafés Volcanik will not be able to send you any further offers or marketing information by email based on your consent.

We will process the following categories of personal data if you have made a purchase, choose to provide it to us or if it is linked to your cookies:

* contact details such as name, postal address, email address and telephone number
* account settings
* delivery information
* encrypted payment card information
* payment information and payment history
* order history
* clicks and browse history

You have the right to inquire about the personal data we have about you at any time. You can contact Cafés Volcanik’s privacy officer who will provide you with your personal data by email, this only including the personal data that you have submitted to us.

You can also contact Cafés Volcanik’s privacy officer at any time to delete personal data processed by Cafés Volcanik, unless you have an ongoing case with customer service or if you have an order in progress that has not yet been delivered. We will retain your personal data to comply with legal obligations. After closing your account upon request, your data will be deleted.