Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

jamaica blue mountain coffee

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café blue mountain drapeauJamaica Blue Mountain coffee 100%

The famous Jamaican Blue Mountain is perfectly balanced. It has a subtle chocolate aroma, a lack of bitterness and floral notes of jasmine with a spicy flavor.

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee has been cultivated in small farms for over 150 years in the Blue Mountains. They are the highest mountains of the Caribbeans and an exceptional site for the coffee cultivation. The coffee trees grow in a perfect micro-climate because of a rich volcanic soil with an excellent drainage, pure mountains water, a lot of mist and precipitations.

Our Jamaica Blue Mountain Grade 1 beans are imported exclusively from certified farms from the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. You will always receive from us freshly roasted pure Jamaica Blue Mountain 100%.

Also, discover the peaberry coffee beans, the ultimate Blue Mountain experience! Those small oval beans found in 5-10% of coffee cherries allows a perfectly even roasting. The Blue Mountain Peaberry beans are definitely the cream of the crop!

No need to waste money on shipping costs to order from Jamaica. Your Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee 100% is already here in Canada and ready to be roasted for you, sold in Canadian dollars and shipped free of charge with Canada Post Expedited Parcel on any order!

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